Countdown to My New Adventure

Well this is just a quick test to make sure I have everything in place to write a blog, post it here and then link to it on Facebook for all my friends. I have the keys out to the cat sitter (hi Sydney!) and my tickets uploaded to my phone as well as printed out for luck!

If this works then all I need to worry about is if I get my act together to write for my blog that I promised everyone I would do. No pressure there!

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While there is still another day to go, I can already feel the tightening of my stomach muscles in anticipation of getting on that train tomorrow night. So glad I ran in Kathleen and Mark whose son just got back from a one month student version of my upcoming trip. He said the off-track delays to let the freight trains pass were all short – around 20 minutes at the most. So no more worrying about delays getting to my AirBnb. His big delay was because of the fires a few weeks back, and I checked today and those fires are gone from that area. Whew!



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Small Business Marketing – Writing and Marketing Your Blog

small business marketingWhen it comes to small business marketing, we could all use more information about the best ways to get started on a business blog. Why even write a blog, you may wonder. The truth is, when you put that blog out to the world, it says that you are an expert in what you do. Continue reading

Social Media Tips for Small Business

social media tipsWe all need social media tips. If you run a small business, especially if some of that business is on the web, you know that you need to make social media a part of your marketing plan. The problem is always how to allocate time, find a good topic and then write it up. It can be intimidating just thinking about it if you know how to do this, but when you don’t know it can be defeating. Continue reading

Internet Marketing – Discovery, Social and Search

internet marketing searchEver since Google began making changes to its algorithms that impact search, we have been dancing to their tune. Lately that tune sounds like social media and we have been obliging as much as we can. Continue reading

The Changing World of Content Marketing

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I went to a workshop last night about SEO and content marketing. If there is one thing you can say about it, it is that the definition of content marketing is always changing. I learned so much at that seminar and I also find every time I surf the net for one of my clients, I learn new things that I want to share. Continue reading

Learn Small Business Startup from the Pros

small business startup

Looking to fund that small business startup?

Your own small business startup. We have all thought from time to time of having our own business. Some of us have even jumped into the fray and done so.

I know I have several times, sometimes successfully and sometimes not so much. But one thing I have learned is to listen to anything someone has to say about starting up and running a business who has done so. There is always some bit of wisdom I can use. Continue reading

Finding Small Business Marketing Tips

If you have a small business, there are probably days when you feel that you are overwhelmed. You love the part of your business that got you into it in the first place. That isn’t the problem. It is all those other parts, like marketing, that have you down. Well buck up – you aren’t alone. I am always running into small business owners, especially if they are solo entrepreneurs, who feel this way. One of the biggest complaints I hear is they don’t have the time to do their own marketing and they don’t have the money to pay someone to do it for them. Welcome to the club, I say. Now when you are done wringing all those tears out of your handkerchief, listen up. Because you need to know that there is a ton of easy ways to get your site more attention, without breaking the bank or deserting your customers. Here are just a few. Continue reading

Starting a Blog – Short Checklist for Blogging

writing for websitesHaving problems starting a blog or keeping it going? For many of us, sitting down to write that daily or weekly blog can be intimidating. I know that a lot of my friends and clients tell me that they are often put off from doing their blog because they feel unsure how to start. Well, that is why I love checklists so much. In just about anything that you need to do regularly, having a checklist can be a great way to get you started and keep you organized.

Continue reading

Blogging Tips for Growing Your Blog Audience

blogging tips

Wow- Where to start????

I’d like to share a few blogging tips this week to help anyone with a small business reach out to potential new customers using their blog. Like many small business owners, even if you know that a blog would be a great thing for your business, it can be hard to know how to keep it going. But blogging can be one of the easiest tools to get the word out about your business, if you simply know a few blogging tips to get you started and keep you organized.

It is important to keep in mind that your blog audience is not just random people who read your blog. They are your potential clients, your current customers and even more importantly they can be advocates for you by sharing your blog posts with others. That is why your blog posts should be helpful and also very sharable. In this age of social media, we want our customers and friends re-posting our nuggets of wisdom on Facebook, pinning our pictures of our products on Pinterest and tweeting our helpful hints around the web. Here are some blogging tips to help get you there: Continue reading

Keyword Research for Business Blogs

Keyword-ResearchKeyword research can be intimidating, but it is absolutely the backbone that all your posts are built on and not as hard as it sounds. But it is vital because if you want to know how to blog, you need to know how to find good keywords. They pretty much go hand in hand. That’s because when it comes to people finding your blog, even with the changes in Google and new prominence of social media, keywords remain the cornerstone of your writing.

 The reason is simple; they help people find you on the net. Search Engine Optimization or SEO depends on keywords to optimize our blog posts for the people who need that information. They help people who are looking for what you have to offer find you. From titles on your posts to articles you create for other sites, you should always have done keyword research first.

What is Keyword Research?

It is really not that hard to do. For the most part, you can break it down into two basic steps:

·         Discovering the key phrases or keywords – This just means finding out what words people are using when they do a Google search for something.

·         Identifying their value – How often does someone search for that term or word? How many other sites have that as their keyword? In other words, what is the competition out there? Continue reading