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blog coach

Who needs a blog coach? Whenever I tell small business owners that I do blogs for a living I get the same response.

I would do a blog, but I don’t know how to start it!

Over the years I have helped many friends and business acquaintances get their blogs up and running. I began to realise this was a real need for those who might have “the knack” of writing but are intimidated by the idea of starting their own blog. That’s when I decided to offer myself as a blog coach for small business owners with websites who want to blog.

Blog Coach – Getting Organized

A blog coach is all about you and your blog. For many this begins with organization. This is where I can help. I can sit down with you; discuss your website and what you think your blog can do for you. We will define some keys areas, look at other sites and blogs and from that I will develop some blogging tools for you.

Blog Coach – Keeping You On Track

Once we have some goals in place and tools at hand, you will want a cheerleader on the side to keep you on top of your blogging goals. A blog coach can provide weekly phone calls, answer cries for help and give feedback on what has been written. Some folks need lots of hand-holding; others are great at being self-motivated but want more help with big picture goals. Once we know where you need help, as your blog coach I can make sure you get it.

A Mentor When You Need It

Once you are up and running, keeping on your goals and making your deadlines our blog coach can be there for mentoring and feedback. Maybe all you need is a monthly discussion on where you need help. Maybe you have become a superstar blogger and just need that outside eye once a quarter. Once you are up and going we can decide together what kind of blog coach support you need.

Remember – it’s your blog for your business. In the end, it reflects your passions not mine. Let’s get you to that place where doing that is easy and something you can enjoy. Contact me today to schedule your free initial meeting to find out how a blog coach can get your dream blog up and running.


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