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Keyword Research for Business Blogs

Keyword-ResearchKeyword research can be intimidating, but it is absolutely the backbone that all your posts are built on and not as hard as it sounds. But it is vital because if you want to know how to blog, you need to know how to find good keywords. They pretty much go hand in hand. That’s because when it comes to people finding your blog, even with the changes in Google and new prominence of social media, keywords remain the cornerstone of your writing.

 The reason is simple; they help people find you on the net. Search Engine Optimization or SEO depends on keywords to optimize our blog posts for the people who need that information. They help people who are looking for what you have to offer find you. From titles on your posts to articles you create for other sites, you should always have done keyword research first.

What is Keyword Research?

It is really not that hard to do. For the most part, you can break it down into two basic steps:

·         Discovering the key phrases or keywords – This just means finding out what words people are using when they do a Google search for something.

·         Identifying their value – How often does someone search for that term or word? How many other sites have that as their keyword? In other words, what is the competition out there? Continue reading