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Countdown to My New Adventure

Well this is just a quick test to make sure I have everything in place to write a blog, post it here and then link to it on Facebook for all my friends. I have the keys out to the cat sitter (hi Sydney!) and my tickets uploaded to my phone as well as printed out for luck!

If this works then all I need to worry about is if I get my act together to write for my blog that I promised everyone I would do. No pressure there!

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While there is still another day to go, I can already feel the tightening of my stomach muscles in anticipation of getting on that train tomorrow night. So glad I ran in Kathleen and Mark whose son just got back from a one month student version of my upcoming trip. He said the off-track delays to let the freight trains pass were all short – around 20 minutes at the most. So no more worrying about delays getting to my AirBnb. His big delay was because of the fires a few weeks back, and I checked today and those fires are gone from that area. Whew!