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For many small businesses an easy website that is fast to create and keep current is all they need. I have run small one-person businesses for over thirty years. I understand that for many, having your own business is a lifestyle choice, not a money choice. You have a passion and you want to make a living out of that passion.

It doesn’t matter if that passion is baking the perfect cake, designing the most beautiful wooden desk or teaching the most inspiring yoga class. But just because it is your passion doesn’t mean you don’t want to be successful at it or have as many clients as you can.

An Easy Website – Keeping it Simple

small business easy websites

Are You open to new business from the web?

I began creating WordPress sites for myself in 2005 and have loved it. I think the best ideas for these easy websites come from the ones who have the passion for their business and want to share it with the world. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it just needs to say what you want it to say, and show what you do.

Defining Your Needs

I will sit down with you, talk over what you want to accomplish and help you reach that goal. I know how to keep your costs down because I have built plenty of other simple sites for solo entrepeneurs and small business owners. We take your ideas, make them into a site that tells your story and then let you update or change as you need to do when you need to do it.

The main idea is that this is YOUR site, so let’s find out your vision and how to make it the focus of your site. An easy site doesn’t mean plain or boring, just easy for you to have.

Getting Started

It all starts when you contact me. We can talk on the phone or we can Skype or we can meet face to face if you are here in the Vancouver area. My basic website that I almost always offer is a $500 site that you provide pictures and the basics of your business to me. We define five specific pages:

  1. A Landing Page where everyone begins
  2. An About Us page that explains who you are and your vision
  3. A Service Page or Products Page that gives detailed information on what you have to offer
  4. A Contact Us Page that tells them how to connect with you, generally including a map to your physical location, hours of operation and how to contact you
  5. A Testimonials Page which we can help you to build and connect to your social media. Vital for a successful business.

My website designs are responsive, which means that your customers can see them whether they are using a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Of course, you may want to add a page for press releases, extra pages that give each type of service or product their spotlight or even an FAQ page. It comes with a year of free hosting and I will walk you through getting your domain if you need it.

Let’s talk and find out how we can make your site the best possible one for you.

I do most of the work myself and like to keep fees reasonable so ordinary entrepreneurs can have the kind of simple easy site they need at a price they can afford. If there is a need, we will find a way. So contact me and tell me what you need. Let’s find out how an easy website can still express your passion and make it happen for you today.


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