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If you have a small business, there are probably days when you feel that you are overwhelmed. You love the part of your business that got you into it in the first place. That isn’t the problem. It is all those other parts, like marketing, that have you down. Well buck up – you aren’t alone. I am always running into small business owners, especially if they are solo entrepreneurs, who feel this way. One of the biggest complaints I hear is they don’t have the time to do their own marketing and they don’t have the money to pay someone to do it for them. Welcome to the club, I say. Now when you are done wringing all those tears out of your handkerchief, listen up. Because you need to know that there is a ton of easy ways to get your site more attention, without breaking the bank or deserting your customers. Here are just a few.

small business marketingSmall Business Blogs

I have an email address I use just for blogs about the business. In my case it is about writing, SEO and internet marketing. You might want to follow one of those to get some ideas about easy things you can do to help your site be seen. One of my favorites is DuctTapeMarketing; and it happens to be one of my client’s favorite sites too. It has great insights into how to market your business, and not just online. Check them out here:


Section of Broad Business Sites



Of course, you can’t go wrong with Forbes Magazine as a general business magazine that has some great tips for you in their small business section.

They hire some pretty snappy writers there and these guys know their stuff. Find a columnist you like and subscribe to his site as well as his column here. Often they have guest bloggers, like this one that has great tips on software for small business.

Forbes Tool for Small Business

Get the Inside Scoop

small business marketing gives you the inside scoop

small business marketing gives you the inside scoop

I happen to love HubSpot’s blog even if it doesn’t always give me something I want to read or will use. But it gives me enough good ideas that I let them percolate, especially if I see how they would work for a client.

Here is a good example. This post shared a really easy to follow graphic for how to create a blog post that Google will love and people will find. Of course, they have all the appropriate tools in this blog post as well.

Hubspot Analyzes A Blog Post

Get Started with Ideas

These are just a few places you can check out to give you some great ideas for marketing your small business website. Heck, many sites do far more than that, but finding ways to market your site is not a bad start. We have just barely scratched the surface so I will return soon with more sites to check out and spin ideas from. Marketing what you love shouldn’t be work, and it doesn’t have to be.

I will share more with you soon.


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