How To Blog for Business – Blogging 101

how to blog for businessI get asked how to blog for business at just about every business mixer I attend. The moment people know that I do blogs for small businesses for a living, it is the first question I get. If you own a small business and have made the first important step to have a website, getting a blog for your business is the next step. For almost everyone the question is; how do I do it and keep doing it? That was why I decided to start this website blog. To help those small business owners who know they should have a blog.

Getting Started

If you have a WordPress site you are already half-way there. This is a platform to build websites on, and is the most popular one by far on the web. This is especially true for monopreneurs (one person businesses) and small businesses because WordPress is so user-friendly. If you don’t have your site on WordPress, you should consider getting it moved.

WordPress makes it easy for you, the business person who knows little about websites, to make changes or update information on your site. And let’s face it, nothing looks worse than a website that has out of date information on it. It looks like you just don’t care about your business. Who wants to go there?

So getting your website on a platform that you can go into yourself to keep everything up to date is the most important step you can make. Take control of your marketing and you will find that your site is used more. It takes time to build that audience. But that’s okay because you are the expert on your business and so you hold all the keys to its success online.

I Don’t Know What to Write!

This is the second most frequent thing I hear from small business owners. It usually comes from someone who has thought about doing a blog, but doesn’t think they can do it. Does this sound familiar to you? But you have hundreds of blog posts in your head, once you access them. This is because you know your business really well.

The real question is, who are your clients and what do they need to know? Most business owners can answer this question immediately when I ask them. We know who we are providing a service or product to, and why. Since most people go on the web to find out information, that is what a blog does. If you sell cool stuff in a gift store, tell them how to choose a gift or someone special (or a special holiday). If you are a plumber, tell them how to prevent leaks. What do your customers need to know?

I Don’t Have the Time

This is the biggest comment I hear. The truth is, with a little preparation you can do a blog post in about half an hour. So all you need to do is find time once a week to sit down and write. The most important thing is to schedule it. I find that putting it on my calendar once a week at the beginning of the day is the best approach. Maybe for you it is after lunch, or at the end of the day.

Whatever time it is, you can find it. Put aside one hour a week and make sure you always do it. You will find after a while that blog post ideas come up during the week. Someone in your store tells a funny story about how they found you or a new product shows up that you are excited about. That is the kind of personal blog that business owners do best.

So roll up your sleeves and leave your fears behind you. As we move forward on this blog I will be posting all my favorite free tools for blogging. I will share some of my secret tricks for getting out of a rut in blogging. Learning how to blog for business is not that hard, it just takes the decision to share your knowledge and passion.

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