Internet Marketing – Discovery, Social and Search

internet marketing searchEver since Google began making changes to its algorithms that impact search, we have been dancing to their tune. Lately that tune sounds like social media and we have been obliging as much as we can.

But the truth of the matter is, do we really have any proof that engaging in social media will give us the needed traffic, and most importantly the traffic that sticks around to read our sites?

Outbrain, an internet marketing site I recently discovered, has asked that question too. Here is what they found.

Discovering What We Need

They looked at the three ways that people find our sites:

  • Discovery
  • Search
  • Social Media

They measured these three ways by looking at 2 billion “consumer sessions” (don’t you love all this new language we have to learn?) and seeing how they found sites. The answer was somewhat surprising. With pretty fair consistency discovery won the race regardless of what they were looking to find online.  It also didn’t seem to matter if you did that on your smartphone, tablet or sitting at your computer at home. Best of all, those who found the sites by discovery stayed on the site longer and were more engaged.

So What Does This All Mean?

You can look at the report and all their cool graphs in their blog report in this cool article about internet marketing. If you want to learn more they even have a downloadable report with all the gory details. Personally, that stuff puts me to sleep so I am usually content to just read the condensed version they are supplying us here. Your choice, I know there are statistics wonks out there who love this stuff!

Putting It to Work for You

So do we stop using social media now that we know this? Absolutely not! But it does tell us that we need all three types of connection to reach all types of web surfers. It also means that although you want to get out there and chat on those industry sites, make a few comments each day on Facebook and Twitter and keep your Pinterest site fun and your LinkedIn site up to date; don’t cry over it if you miss. Marketing your passion should be just as much fun as explaining just what you do to new friends. You know you get excited when you do this, so just picture all those new friends, stay informed, and keep on trucking!

Internet Marketing Help

And remember, if you need help with your marketing or blog, I am just a short email away. I love to coach, am happy to help with a few blog ideas and love writing content the way you love what you do. So let me know how I can help.