It All Starts Here

I am a blog writer for other sites. I probably write a blog just about every day. In many ways, writing my own blog is the same, but different. When I was a publisher of comic books, over twenty years ago, I wrote a monthly editorial for ten to fifteen titles every month. They were very personal comments on life and comic books and the art of publishing. You could say they were a way to write blogs before there was even an internet. Nowadays, when I write blogs for my clients I write about their goals, needs and desires. Sometimes, of course, I just write about the reviews they send me or the products they are promoting that week. Who is to say that is really any different?

But here, in my blog, I will write about writing. People I meet who know I am a writer always ask, where do you get your ideas? It is probably the most common question a writer gets from anyone they meet. A friend of mine, writer Harlan Ellison, often answers with the tale of a company in the midwest (I think Iowa, but I could be wrong) that mails him a fresh batch of ideas every week. I have heard other writers say with a straight face that they keep a drawer labeled ideas and take them out now and again. Truth is, ideas are everywhere. The problem is winnowing them down to the ones that work.

So I will see how the winnowing process goes on this blog. Writing is a funny artform. Most people think it is the same as typing and treat it as such. Others see it as this very intimidating process. I guess I sit somewhere in the middle. We will just have to see what happens.