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small business startup

Looking to fund that small business startup?

Your own small business startup. We have all thought from time to time of having our own business. Some of us have even jumped into the fray and done so.

I know I have several times, sometimes successfully and sometimes not so much. But one thing I have learned is to listen to anything someone has to say about starting up and running a business who has done so. There is always some bit of wisdom I can use.

Small Business Startup Wisdom from Experts

If you are thinking about starting up that business you have long dreamed of doing, there was never a better time to do it than now. The internet has opened doors many would have found closed to them in past decades. You have access to tools, fundraising, marketing and so much more right here at your fingertips. The real trick is to figure out the best way to use all of this. One of my favorite tools has been blogs. I talk about some particularly good ones in the last post. This time I am sharing a post I ran across today that covered one area – the small business startup – particularly well.

Getting Started Without Breaking the Bank

In this post in Entrepreneur, Jonathan Long tells us of eight things we can utilize to help us get our business idea off the ground without a huge cash investment. They are all good ideas and it should be no wonder, Long is a successful businessman with a niche business. He is pretty much the typical type of small business that has begun to sprout up and his tips should apply to just about any type of business. So whether you are considering a service business, a retail business or even a B2B type business, check this article out.  You will be glad you did, even if it is just to get the ideas rolling.


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