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Small Business Marketing – Writing and Marketing Your Blog

small business marketingWhen it comes to small business marketing, we could all use more information about the best ways to get started on a business blog. Why even write a blog, you may wonder. The truth is, when you put that blog out to the world, it says that you are an expert in what you do.

Do you design great jewelry? When you blog about the world of design you are telling the world what an expert you are in this particular field. When you do this your readers, who are your potential and future customers, will trust you to design them something they love because they have read the blog and know you are an expert. This is the key to small business marketing on the web.

Leading not Pushing

One mistake many early bloggers did was trying to push their readers into buying what they were selling. But that isn’t the point of a blog or really any kind of good small business marketing for the web. With this small business marketing tool you are building a community and creating trust between you and the reader. To do that, you need to engage in conversations with them. You need to share your knowledge and give them the tools to improve their lives. We do all of that with every post we do here at The Girl Can Write and you should be doing that with your blog as well. Informed customers will always head towards the right decisions. Never push.

Know Your Goals

Before you sit down and write one word for your blog, know why you are writing it and what you want to accomplish. This is the heart of intelligent small business marketing and you can do it too. All too often we just sit and write without thinking about what we want our end goal to be. Here are a couple of examples of what you may be trying to do with that business blog:

  • Promote new products or services
  • Attract a specific market or audience
  • Create community with your customers both now and in the future
  • Improve search ranking

Always be aware that with your blog posts you can do more than one thing. You may find you are creating community while improving your search ranking. But even if this is so, be clear before you write just what you wanted this blog and each individual post to be about.

Address the Pain

This is an old maxim borrowed from advertising that is very true about blogging. If you know your customer base or at least who you are trying to reach, then you also know their problems. If you are a lawyer that specializes in personal injury, you know what kinds of questions they have the moment they walk in your door. If you are a private music teacher, you know what kind of techniques your potential students need to learn. Find the pain they now have and address how you will help them to be rid of that pain. Let them know you understand that pain and you are here to help them with it. When you use this in your blogging you will be surprised how often you know just what to say in that post. That is because you are indeed an expert in your field and so you know just what your customers need from you.

Market What You Write

Blogging is just one tool. When you write, who sees it? Social media has become a huge key for letting others know about what you are addressing in your latest blog. Do you have a Facebook page for your business? Don’t use your personal Facebook page to promote your business, create a page on its own. It takes only a few minutes and is well worth doing. Be sure to let your Facebook followers know about your new blog post with a note and a link within 24 hours of writing it.

Not everyone follows the web the same way, so be sure to Tweet it out, Facebook it, add it on your LinkedIn page and your Google+ page. If you are in a visual business, add in a Pinterest site as well. It sounds complicated but it only takes a few minutes to add some links to let those who follow these kinds of sites know about you and what you and your business is doing.

Small Business Marketing

While all of this may sound intimidating you can approach it one step at a time. Small business marketing is something we all need to keep our businesses alive. With more small businesses coming online every day, it is easy to see that this is the little engine that may one day drive the economy. Overwhelmed by all you need to do to market your small business? We can help. Contact me today if you want a hand with everything from social media planning to writing a newsletter. You may only need a monthly consultation to keep you on track or you may want someone to run your whole campaign. The first step is to ask. So contact me today and find out just how easy getting that small business marketing campaign off the ground can be.