Small Business Websites

Do you have a small business website that needs help? Do you want to create a site for your business but aren’t sure where to start? You have probably gone searching on the web and only found those sites that want you to deposit cash, confuse you with words like SEO need a project specification and style guidelines. Well, come and talk to a small business web/blog content creator who is a real person who will sort this all out person to person.

small business website writing services

Small Business Website and Blog Consultations

Sometimes all we need is a little help. You have a business that reflects a passion you have kept burning for years. You finally are doing the one thing you love and part of that is setting up a small business website and doing a blog. You know this needs to be done –the question is how.

Or maybe you have your site setup, your blog started, but it just isn’t quite what you thought it would be. You don’t want to drop a ton of money to get it “fixed”, you just need some advice. Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone who understood the small business, the “lifestyle business” where we aren’t looking to sell the company in two years for a chunk of change – we want to be able to do what we love and make a living with it, a real living.

I’ve been doing blogs and small business websites for almost ten years now, taking workshops and paying attention. I’ve been helping friends and fellow entrepreneurs get their websites and blogs running a bit smoother. Part of what I love doing is sharing this knowledge, helping out others who want to play in the digital playground called the web; they just don’t feel a need to be experts.

So – drop me a note; let me know your situation. If I think it is something I can help you with we can meet, look at your site, discuss what you need done. I will talk prices first, so no surprises. It’s just a nice comfortable conversation between friends about small business websites, blogs and how they work. Here is just a few examples of how I can help:

  • Simple Inexpensive Sites for Solo and Small Entrepreneurs – Having a site doesn’t have to mean big, fancy and expensive. Just starting out? Needs are few? Let’s explore what you want and need to do it.
  • Blog Coaching – You know a blog would help, you have some ideas. But how to start? Let me get you up and running, be there for help and keep you going.
  • Content Provider – Maybe you have a small business website that needs upgrading. Or you have a designer you love, you just need the words. I’ve been providing just the right words for websites, blogs and marketing material for over 20 years. I can help you with yours, and for a reasonable rate.