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Small Business Marketing – Writing and Marketing Your Blog

small business marketingWhen it comes to small business marketing, we could all use more information about the best ways to get started on a business blog. Why even write a blog, you may wonder. The truth is, when you put that blog out to the world, it says that you are an expert in what you do. Continue reading


Internet Marketing – Discovery, Social and Search

internet marketing searchEver since Google began making changes to its algorithms that impact search, we have been dancing to their tune. Lately that tune sounds like social media and we have been obliging as much as we can. Continue reading

How To Blog for Business – Blogging 101

how to blog for businessI get asked how to blog for business at just about every business mixer I attend. The moment people know that I do blogs for small businesses for a living, it is the first question I get. If you own a small business and have made the first important step to have a website, getting a blog for your business is the next step. For almost everyone the question is; how do I do it and keep doing it? That was why I decided to start this website blog. To help those small business owners who know they should have a blog. Continue reading