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Train Driving

The alarm goes off much too early and she gets up, trying not to wake her husband. He works a night shift and got to bed around three hours ago. He needs his sleep. She picks up sweats and t-shirts, grabs socks and heads out to wake the girls. Today they are taking the Skytrain into town for the annual pre-school clothes shopping. It is an event she always looks forward to, with memories of doing the same with her own mother at this age.

The two girls, age ten and twelve are excited as they hurry into clothes, eat a quick bowl of cereal and grab jackets as they head out the door.  Arms are thrust through jackets as they walk quickly down the street, talking simultaneously about plans for what they will pick out at the store. Annie, the youngest will as usual walk backwards in order to continue talking, while Emma shows how grown up she is by watching out for anything Annie will walk into. Continue reading