The Changing World of Content Marketing

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I went to a workshop last night about SEO and content marketing. If there is one thing you can say about it, it is that the definition of content marketing is always changing. I learned so much at that seminar and I also find every time I surf the net for one of my clients, I learn new things that I want to share.

What Do People Want from Content Marketing?

When you or I or anyone goes on a social media site, what are we looking for? That is an important question because if we don’t know it, how can we tell people who visit our own site about our products and services in a way that is meaningful for them?

I recently read an article that explored this question and recommend it to anyone out there who is frankly baffled by how to even approach their own social media landscape. It has links to plenty of other great looks at what people want or are looking for in media. Check it out on contently and see what I mean.