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Sometimes you don’t need a whole site, you just need the words. Or maybe you just need some help making the words better. That’s okay- I understand. I have been providing writing services with blog content, website content and marketing material for over ten years.

Writing Services for Every Kind of Business

Iwriting services for every kind of business have seen every kind of site, provided writing services for hundreds of blogs and helped more businesses find their voice than I care to name. I love writing, love helping businesses with words and can help you too.

Whatever type of business you have – I will help you to create a voice on the web that is uniquely your own, just like your business. From press releases to web content and marketing material, if you need someone to tell your story, I can help.


Blog Writer – But I Don’t Have Time for a Blog!

blogging tipsI know that you didn’t get into your business to build websites, become a blog writer or for that matter do all the things a business does to keep going. You need all your time and energy to spend on your business. That is where I can help. I am not a big business with hundreds of writers; I am just one person, a web content/blog writer who will work with you to create the site that reflects that passion and keep it going month after month for you. As your blog writer, I will take your concepts and turn them into weekly blog posts to keep your clients tuned into you, your business and what is happening in your industry. You are the expert, just let me help you make it show.

A Content Writer – No Writing Job Too Small

So what does a content writer do? Well, every site or marketing material starts with an idea. So drop me a line and tell me your idea. Let’s talk about how that might work into a site or a brochure and what I as the writer of your content should say. From there we can discuss who you want to have read it and what you want it to accomplish. I can take these ideas, and as a content writer for your site or marketing material make it into an expression of your ideas. Together we can create something easy to start, simple to continue and reflective of your passions.


2 thoughts on “Writing Services

  1. Lorraine F


    I stumbled across your website. As a recently retired person I am looking for some entrepreneurial business to start-up. I know in this technological age that web-sites and all they entail are “a must”.

    Even though I don’t know what business venture I want to pursue, I am attempting to educate myself on creating websites, blogging, etc. Yours is a great reference site (which I still have to finish reading), but I already have it book-marked.

    If I ever get a business off the ground, I will definitely look to you to assist me with creating a business website. I look forward to working with you one day in the future.

    Lorraine F

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Lorraine – helping people realize their dream is what this site is all about. I plan to add more content, some ebooks and maybe even some classes in the coming year. Stay tuned!


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